Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nature Journal - Leaf Study

I wanted to put some leaves into my journal, so I decided to laminate a few.  Then I saw how it would make a really interesting page if we could see BOTH sides of the leaves.  So I taped one edge to the edge of my journal page and left the other edge free to open.  I love how this looks!
 Now you can see both sides of the leaves and they should last a LONG time being laminated.
 I hope the color of the leaves doesn't fade!


  1. Wonderful idea! I am going to share this with the carnival tomorrow....thanks for sending me the link.

  2. We laminated some of our leaves as well! I was hoping the same thing about the colors. We'll have to wait and see. Great idea to leave the side up in your journal in order to view front and back of the leaves.