Friday, November 16, 2012

Signs of Mammals

 We went for a walk in the woods looking for signs of mammals.
First we found some lilac branches that had the bark chewed on.  Deer?  Rabbit?
 Then we found some animals tracks in the mud.  This one was from our dog, Kermit, who was walking with us.
 This is a raccoon track.
 And we saw LOTS of deer tracks.  Tomorrow is the first day of hunting season.  They better start hiding!

 Scat!  I don't know what kind.

 Following a deer trail through the brush, and through the creek.
 We found lots of branches where the deer have scraped off the bark.
 More scat!  Different kind, I don't know what kind this one is either!
 Tabbi next to a buck rub.
 The only mammal we actually saw was our new puppy, Otis!  lol
Oh look!  Bobcat tracks!  lol,  too bad it was a machine and not a mammal!
And although ants aren't mammals we were amazed by this huge ant hill we found!


  1. Wow! What allot of signs you spotted. I am impressed. Thanks for sharing - I love all those tracks!

  2. I love all the track pictures. I had hopes for this month, but just didn't come up with any. And as for the scat pictures, it is all part of nature study. I am sure my kids roll their eyes when they see me taking pictures of scat, but I have quite a collection now!

    Great job!

  3. What a lot of tracks! I love that you followed a deer trail through the kids love to do that too. Enjoyed your post.